Wire Wall Murals by Bart Soutendijk

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Bart Soutendijk (1942 -) United States

Wire Wall Muralist
Bart makes wire wall murals for public, commercial, and residential locations. He is represented by galleries in the US and has sold to collectors all over the world. The wire pieces are the final step in a simplification process that starts with a photograph. He makes and remakes a digital line drawing to emphasize only the essence of the subject, then, like the poet who reviews every word, he re-examines every turn and curve as he bends the wire into a sculpture.

Bart came to America from Holland as a young boy after World War II. At school -- since he was new to the English language -- his drawing abilities were called upon as a way to participate in a new culture. He currently lives in East Texas.

Bart used his degree in Communications from Boston University plus his skill as an artist to work in advertising, art direction and technical publications. He also attended creative photography and illustration classes at New York University and The New School in New York City. He completed work in stained class, water color, and oils. He has illustrated with wire since 1972. His major pieces are wall sculptures using steel wire. His large scale wall sculptures hang in hotels, hospitals, residential and commercial locations throughout the United States and the world.

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