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Bart Soutendijk Custom wire art and steel-rod wall murals

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Irving Art Center, Irving, TX

Running Around when you're Young (36 X 76 inches)

I took a group of photos of one of my grand children while she played in the sand. The photos show little-girl expressions and movements and the drawings I made from the photos emphasize those characteristics. The final wire wall sculpture goes even further to isolate the features. The group of sculptures is about four feet high and twelve feet wide -- depending on how you space the characters.

The final sculpture hung in the Bank One building in Shreveport, LA, the Irving Arts Center in Irving, TX, and the Clampitt Paper Company Creative Center, Dallas TX. It was also juried into a show at the Longview Museum of Art in Longview, TX.


run around wire wall art
symphony wire wall mural

Nineteen foot wide wire mural of symphony at the entrance to the Irving Art Center concert hall.

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